Terms and Conditions


  1. Unfortunately we cannot afford refunds, so we do NOT do refunds. Please make sure you really want what you are buying. We hope this will change once we start making some money, but right now, we must have a NO refunds policy.
  2. If you find there is something wrong with the item, we will do our best to replace it. And, in some extreme cases, we will consider a return for a full refund
  3. All payments must be received before we can send the goods. This includes pre-orders. Please check description of an item to know when pre-ordered items will be shipped.
  4. All orders will be dispatched the next working day – we take weekends off, we have to for the sake of our mental and physical health.
  5. We are currently using Royal Mail as our delivery service, so you should get your goods with your mail, on time, and safe.
  6. If you get something you didn’t order, don’t worry, it’s just a free gift. Every so often we might add a little surprise. Everything you see in the shop has been tested. Sometimes things turn out fine, but not how I pictured them, hence I don’t want to make more than one. I do not intend to keep all these unique items, so I will send them for free to my customers.


That’s it. We hope you enjoy our products and find them even nicer than you expected.


Have a great day and we hope to see you soon.