Alma's story


Torment and Ointment (working title) - Alma is a character in  Just Another Life. Her story will be told in two parts. Part one is already done, the part where she has some support, but not enough. Part two is where she becomes a warrior. It's the alternative to what May does in Just Anther Life. So the two books overlap of a little while, but Alma's story is the one that prevents Global Catastrophe that inspired May's story. 


The first is written as a journal. Alma is a survivor of a massacre and her revival takes time. I believe it is vital for world peace to know about what the victims have to face and live through to tell us their stories which motivate us to work for a better community. 



I'm working on the second part which is written as a memoire rather than a journal. I think it's more fitting because of the way the story develops. This part is more about Alma's community and the kind of support she gets that enables her to become a warrior for good.  Working title for this part is: Bring It On