Limited copies

Just Another Life - Hardcopy

Limited copies

Just Another Life - Hardcopy


Second edition, paperback, 495 pages. 

For more info please check out the link:

Just Another Life

Just Another Life competition


I am organising end/beginning of the Year competition, where you can win cool prizes if you can answer this question:

What is one fact NOT mentioned in my book Just Another Life? Extra prize for those who can say why was that fact intentionally omitted from the story. 

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Send your answers to:

To get 65% off e-book send me a message and I'll send you a code. 

There will be an event in mid January 2024 to open the answer envelope. For update on this, click here


Good luck great readers! 



Lessons from Bosnia


I tried to keep my writing separate from my activism. BTW, I do not support activists who do not care about others. We citizens should care about each other. So, for me, Citizen Activism is about caring for ordinary people.


My activism has inspired me to write (meeting amazing people and learning about their lives will do that to ya) but I still wanted to keep writing and activism separate. That is not going well. So... I am now introducing you to that side of my life as well. Starting with the talks I'm planning and the org I established in Bosnia. 


For the latest article about 'Lessons from Bosnia' click here.


And for more info and how to get involved click here. 




Nothing is PERFECT and that's PERFECT for me


Coasters, mugs and other things will be back in the shop in 2024, with new designs. Until then, I must focus on my writing. But I will keep you posted. AND!

Meliha Avdic



First edition, paperback, 495 pages

For more info click the link below:

Just Another Life

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