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If you want to discover the magic of your life, just as it is, because sometimes it's not about 'change' but about seeing what's in front of us, let me help you on that journey. Trial version of the journal I created in only £1.00. So that's the maximum you can lose. The worst case scenario. What do you have to gain? You'll learn the magic of your life. The process is really simple. It's not the devil that's in the details, the angels are there too. But the moment we move away from something, we forget the details. This makes us feel like we live dull lives. So I created a journal that needs only 5-10 minutes a day, very easy to fill in, and it has 366 days - i.e. a year, but I encourage you to take your time, do it at your pace, don't feel pressured; discovering the magic of your life should not feel like a burden, or a chore, it should be a fun and easy process. So that's what I've done. I've made it fun and easy. You'll only ever focus on the day, jot don't a few things, and then at the end of 'the year' you'll be asked a few questions. Those will make your life pop up. You'll see that if you could remember just a few details about your day, details you knew back then, you'd see your life is precious and very special. 


You'll also get free access to Magic Life Forum open only for people who want to take this journey. I'll be hanging out there a lot, so if you ever need anything, I'll be there. For more and to download your trial click here



Spring Day Resolutions Group

Nature has decided that this is a good time for rebirth, so let's make the most of it. For more click here




First edition, paperback, 495 pages

For more info click the link below:

Just Another Life

Nothing is PERFECT and that's PERFECT for me


Coasters, mugs and other things will be back in the shop in April 2023, with new designs. Until then, I must focus on my writing. But I will keep you posted. AND!


Check out the 'I know the Magic we call Life' journal, and download a trial copy. It's only £1. 

Meliha Avdic

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