Coffee with Homer


11oz Mug

Sublimated for durability

Original design


Available in Gold, Silver, and White

The words read: 

I came from the skies to cool your fury, if you will listen to me. The goddess white-armed Hera sent me because she feels equally close to both of you and is concerned for you. Come now, give up this quarrel and take your hand from you sword. Insult him with words instead and tell him what you mean to do. I tell you bluntly and I do mean it: the day shall come when splendid gifts three times as valuable as what you have now lost will be laid at your feet because of that humiliating affront. Hold your hand, then, and do as we tell you.

Swift-footed Archiles replied and said:

Goddess, a man must respect what you and Hera say, however angry he may be. Better for him if he does. The gods listen to the man who goes along with them.

Homer (8th or 7th Century BC)