List of WIPs

Please note: I have been writing for decades. I have hundreds of ideas. These are just some I'm choosing to focus on right now. If you think any of these are good, please let me know. I am choosing these purely by gut feeling. 


War and Fireflies - Skyler believes that Malina, his first and only true love, was killed in a massacre. 19 years later she shows up in Hawaii to introduce him to his daughter Sofia. Editing Part 1 with writers at Hawaii Writers Guild. Part 2 and 3 are shaping themselves. This is my 'odd' story. Unlike any other story I've ever done, this one is creating itself. 


Torment and Ointment (working title) - Alma's story. Alma is a character in  Just Another Life. Her story will be told in two parts. Part one is already done, the part where she has some support, but not enough. Part two is where she becomes a warrior. It's the alternative to what May does in Just Anther Life. So the two books overlap of a little while, but Alma's story is the one that prevents Global Catastrophe that inspired May's story. 


The Art of War in 21C - Citizen Activism - Non-fiction. I'm splitting this into articles, I think. Undecided. I need some advice on what's best to do with this one. This is practical advice to anyone who wants to become an activist. What to expect. How to act and react. Follows the template of the famous book 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu. 


Well, Well, Well... - Non-fiction, writing a proposal. It's a memoir inspired by my need to talk about feminism and realising that my grandma, my mum and me are a perfect story of feminism. It's kind of like 'Wild Swans - Jung Chang', except it's about three completely ordinary women. The first one was married 3 times, had 7 kids, believed that it is an insult to women for a woman to have a 'job'. The second one couldn't wait to get a job. She got married and divorced with the same guy 3 times, had 3 kids which she raised by herself through economic crisis, war, refugee life and post war. The third is not married, has no kids, no place of her own, works as much as the other two yet just can't seem to get it right. The level of education from one woman to the next is progressive, though the level of knowledge might not be. One thing that is true of all three women is that their lives were greatly affected by the the society they lived in. And that is the story of real femnism. 


Wantmore Farm - this was a set of stories I made up for my nieces and nephew. Now that I am taking a picture book course, and LOVING IT, all these ideas I had for picture books will be rewritten. Wantmore Farm is about farm animals getting all sorts of crazy ideas and thinking those are normal.


Meg the Magpie  is another picture book idea I'm working on, this time it's about luck and finding it hard to find some.


How to make the Christmas Tree Happy - we've got one beautiful Christmas tree, but it seems to be miserable. Don't worry, there is a solution.  


Frosty and Bella - these two butterflies are magic, and they don't mind sharing that magic. 


Confessions of the Snow Queen - Being cold, isn't always cold. 22,000 words, so obviously not a picture book, but it is a children's book, that needs editing.  


Jay the Dracula - Loving this YA experiment. It's about identity and being your own person. Jay finds out he has a very unique gift. 


Few books I've finished long ago, but with all the new ideas, I seem to forget the ones I already did and enjoyed:


Notes for the Underground, London Style - the story is true to its title. You should not mess with London. I've done this long ago, should go through it again. I remember having fun writing this. 


Curious Case of Tarik Spahia - based on real evens during the war in Bosnia, but I've put them in a mind of an old guy who talks about them to a girl he met on a train. The ending is the real shocker here. 


Waltz with Aphrodite - my one and only chick-lit needs another look after all these years